Thursday, December 18, 2014

Rihanna Dubbed Creative Director of Puma ..... Fashion Forgets theFundamentals for Fame?

The fashion world is buzzing with news that pop star Rihanna has taken another leap in the fashion industry by becoming the global ambassador and creative director of the active wear brand Puma. I cannot deny that Rihanna is one of the biggest fashion icons of our time,  solidified by her receiving the CFDA Style Icon Award for 2014 BUT I'm not completely convinced that  being well dressed makes you qualified to lead a multi-billion dollar fashion company.

For those of you who are not familiar with what a creative director does, he or she is responsible for designing the brand and leading the companies creative and business orientated teams in implementing marketing strategies. This position is one of the most important and coveted in any fashion related company. The majority of respected CD's in the fashion industry earned this title for showing tremendous creativity, a thorough understanding of their brand's target market, and having the ability to foresee the future of the  industry to ensure their company remains trendsetting . Think of Albez, Jacobs, Lagerfeld!  This amount of skill takes time to develop through years of experience, experience that Rihanna doesn't have. She doesn't even creatively direct herself. 

Before I am attacked by the Rihanna Navy, let me say I don't have an issue with her come up. My issue is with these companies who are pimping out their positions to celebrities in hopes of increasing sales and breathing life into stale public images. When was the last time any of us reached for a pair of Puma's....I'll wait. This is more about them utilizing her global impact than her expertise and creative opinion. For people like me who have taken the time to study the industry through education or field experience, this sucks! Why? Because these are our dream jobs and futures that are being given away to people who won't stay in the position for long and will need the support of company employees anyway. 

I guess congrats to Rihanna on another check but I miss the days when your place at the round table couldn't be bought by money stacks or status. 


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