An experiment that proves having great style is possible for ALL people. Looking and feeling fabulous is not only attainable by the rich and famous. This guide shows the "everyday woman", who are truly the REAL rock stars to the people in their lives, how to make fashion functional and finally FUN!

This blog is written by celebrity stylist Dara "King of Posh" Adams, owner of KOP Styling. As a woman first and stylist second, even she experienced stress trying to live up to the expectations of high fashion. She realized it was still possible to have impeccable style without breaking the bank in design houses. Of course her clients could afford to hire her to spend thousands of dollars in Barneys to ensure they remained fashionably forward, but what about the super mom, the starting entrepreneur, the college student, who all desire to feel the confidence given by a great look, beautiful hair, and a sharp mind? This blog is for her. Sure, there are plenty of wonderful fashion bloggers but even they fill their pages with garments,shoes,and bags that most cannot afford and their viewers are left to dream,envy, and some even acquire debts to keep up with the joneses.

This blog is created for you to relate. KOP hands over her best style tips and secrets to help women find their personal style while staying within a reasonable reach. She also includes work samples and highlights from KOP Styling to show her creative and business mind and hopefully to inspire other goal driven women to continue to strive and thrive. She even exposes her own closet, which is filled with off brand, second hand, and discount clothing to prove looking the part is not all about the name....its about the execution.

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