Monday, September 22, 2014

Introducing Press Posh .... Webisode 1 Fall Fashion and Style Collective Haul

Hello Lovelies,

It's been a little bit of a minute. I have to be completely honest. Fashion week completely kicked my butt. Trying to stay on top of your schedule, attend events at all hours of the day, and still be productive at work is no easy task. I was super exhausted and had to take a mini blog break BUT I am coming back with something super exciting!!!!!!

Today I am starting a new feature on the blog entitled Press Posh. This will be a collection of videos that you can find on here or YouTube where I discuss certain topics. A lot of the times I find myself wanting to share things with you guys but I feel as if  simply writing it won't effectively relay my message. I think actually getting on camera will help me better communicate some of my ideas, tips, and tricks. I hope you guys enjoy this new addition to the posh projeKt.

The video above is just of me showing a few of the things I picked up while shopping, to get me ready for Fall.....Which starts like tomorrow BTW. These are my basics. The basics we choose vary from person to person, depending on personal style. That's another topic I will also be touching on shortly. If there is any specific topic you would like me to do a video on just let me know through email, social media, or comment on a blog post. I love you all and stay tuned for some great fashion week recaps. Can we say COSTELLO!!!!In the mean time....don't forget to PRESS POSH.

Signed KOP 

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